Tips for Finding a Wedding Photographer

Wedding planning can be a tedious task. There are a variety of elements that all need to be considered during the planning process. Choosing a pittsburgh wedding photographer is one of the most important elements because the unforgettable moments from the wedding will live on in the photographs that are taken on that special day. Here are some tips that can help make choosing a wedding photographer a bit easier.ExperienceIt is important to find out how much experience the pittsburgh wedding photographers have.

What types of weddings do they normal do? There is a big difference in indoor and outdoor weddings when it comes to photography. So the photographer that is chosen should have ample experience doing wedding photographs in a venue similar to the one of the wedding. Check Wedding PortfoliosMany wedding photographers have websites like where they have an online portfolio available to potential customers.

The portfolio will show a variety of different poses from previous weddings that the photographer has worked. This is also a good way to get some ideas on the types of poses and styles that can be used for the upcoming wedding.Check Reviews Most wedding photographers will have reviews available at their studio and on their website. These reviews can be helpful in determining how former clients felt about the job that was done during their wedding. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can also be helpful in determining how reliable and professional the photographer is at weddings.


Previous clients often post on these sites about the good and bad points that they experienced while working with the wedding photographer. AffordabilityThere are Affordable pittsburgh wedding photography out there like It may take a little bit of effort to find a wedding photographer that will fit within the budget that is allotted for the wedding pictures.

Quality does not have to be sacrificed in order to get an affordable photographer. Take the time to compare packages and the prices of the packages before making a final decision.The ContractBe sure to thoroughly read the contract before signing it. If there are any parts that are not clear, feel free to ask questions about it. Most photographers stipulate in the contract that they own the rights to any photos that they take. This means that they can use the photos as promotional materials. It also means that the customer is limited on sharing or posting the photos or proofs that they are provided. Be sure to ask the photographer if photos can be shared or not so that there is no breach of contract issues that come up.Finding the right wedding photographer for the special day does not have to be a difficult task. These tips for finding a photographer can be beneficial to the bride and groom as they make the final decision.


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